Adelaide Quiz Diva - Katrina

Katrina Picozzi has been professionally entertaining people since the age of 15, when she sang a solo set for the 40, 000 people attending Carols By Candlelight in the City of Adelaide, her home town. Since that time, she has been wooing the masses in a diverse variety of performing styles including musical theatre, cabaret, burlesque, drama, opera (performing for 2 years with the State Opera of S.A), performance art, jazz, blues and rock bands, live poetry, catwalk modelling, as a solo artist and a quiz master. She is a writer, visual artist, poet and romancer.

She has worked extensively in the area of radio, hosting her own radio show on Radio Adelaide for 4 years and in the area of promotions, often devising and carrying out some 'out of this world' stunts in order to get people's attention and participation in activities.

As a Mistress of Ceremonies she uses her unique creative spirit and charm to have her crowd eating all sorts of interesting goodies out of the palm of her hand and making good positive vibes!




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