Trivia Questions Packages

If you have your own host you will need the trivia questions. Save time and effort with our complete trivia night packages.

With over 20 years of experience running quizzes, we have refined the best format to get the right mix of quiz questions and other fun activities to keep the night moving whilst avoiding the common mistake of going for too long.

Our questons have been written by our very experienced writers in-house.

We also check our database carefully to ensure that we don't send you the same questions you've ordered before. This includes checking that another organisation in your town or suburb hasn't ordered the same questions.

If, after ordering a package, you are for any reason unhappy with the questions, we will refund your money, as we want all our customers to be entirely satisfied with their purchase.

All our packages include tips on how to run a fantastic trivia function and they contain nothing but our very best questions. We have two options availabe, a Standard package including general knowledge questions, and a fully Tailored package where you can choose all the topics.

Our most popular package. It's perfect to run a professional quiz night for a broad group because it's based on a mixture of general knowledge questions. You can still choose 1 topic.
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Design your own quiz night from our large range of topics.
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What about other options?

If you would like something different please check out our sister site at It has a larger range of products including Themed and Quick Quiz (1 hour) packages.

For single rounds of ten questions each on such topics as the 2014 Oscars, the Olympics, Current Affairs etc from $5 click here.

If you're after trivia questions for a regular pub quiz please visit our dedicated pub trivia website,

Trivia Questions Package   Quiz Questions Package
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Email Option - we email the questions and other package components (PDF) for you to print.

Posted Option - we send everything by post including a pad of 100 answer sheets. The package comes in an A4-sized parcel with the questions, guidelines and answer sheets.

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