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One of the most effective forms of fundraising at a Quiz NIght is through an auction or raffle (or both). Our Guidelines & Tips (included with each package purchase) includes tips on how to maximise your fundraising from a raffle and auction.

In addition to any item you may be able to source, there are many companies that provide the items for you. These are usually done on a consignment basis, which is risk free to you. They provide the item with a minimum price. If it doesn't reach this price the item is passed in and if it exceeds the price you get to keep everything above this amount.

Legends Trivia recommends the following memorabilia providers:

All Sports Fundraising Auctions will bring to your function a fabulous range of framed sporting memorabilia. They display the memorabilia on easles for either the main auction or a silent auction and can provide the auctioneer if necessary. All unsold pieces are collected at the conclusion of the function. For more information fo to or phone Brae on (03) 9428 1311.


Memorabilia Online is run by Master of Ceremonies, Comedian and Auctioneer, Oscar Swarv, who has forged strong personal relationships with many sporting celebrities, both Australian and International. As part of the Elliott Entertainment group of businesses, memorabiliaonline guarantee both the authenticity and the quality of their sports memorabilia products. All items offered for sale are framed and only bear genuine, original signatures. For more information, check out their website or call on 1800 889 992.


At True Blue Collectables <> we will assist you in raising funds by running an auction at your trivia night including everything from signed guitars to weekends away to framed jerseys. We will tailor a selection of items that will raise you $$.  We set a low reserve and anything above is your to keep! We will set up, run the auction and pack away everything all with a No Sale, NO CHARGE guarrantee.  If don't sell anything there is NO Charge. 

Call Steve today on (02)9453-2611 to get started. (syerbury@truebluecollectables)


Memorabilia Images specialise in applying team and individual photos, logos and text to sporting balls. They make great personalised sporting memorabilia and family memories. Mention "Legends Trivia" for a 5% discount.


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