Standard Package Format - Quiz Night Questions

The basic format for a Legends Trivia quiz night is seven rounds of 10 questions. There are other novelties as well including a Who Am I and a Tonights Task (see explanation of these). The package also includes those extras to make the night run smoothly such as the answer sheets, marking sheet and our tips or guidelines.

Click here for information about trivia nights and ideas on how to choose the best package.

Standard Package Contents:
Below is a summary of our package format. It consits of the questions, novelty questions and other extras.
Round 1: General Knowledge
Round 2: General Knowledge
Round 3: General Knowledge
Round 4: General Knowledge
Round 5: General Knowledge
Round 6: Specific topic
Round 7: Specific topic
Novelty Questions
Who Am I Bonus Question
Tonight's Task Novelty Question
Other Extras
Marking Sheet
Answer Sheet Template
Operational Guidelines
Agenda Template
Our Games List

Package Options:

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