Some of the most popular programs on television are quiz shows. This is because they are great fun and everyone likes to have a go at the answers. A trivia night is even more fun because you are part of a team atmosphere. Whether you are running a fundraiser or a social club function, running a trivia night is fun.

Legends Trivia has put together an information sheet you can download and print out. It contains information on our products, trivia nights and fundraising. Click here to download

Fundraising: A trivia night is very effective in fundraising for groups such as schools, sports clubs and charities. On average, a quiz night will raise $10 - $20 per person but this can increase dramatically when used in conjunction with raffles and auctions. Legends Trivia provides additional support to help you maximize the fundraising. This includes our Operational Guidelines and also our Games List documents. In the Games List we provide ideas and instructions for eight games. You can run these to raise money or to fill in time in between the rounds.

For other fundraising ideas we recommend you check out Australian Fundraising.

Social: Because trivia nights are simple to organize, great fun and team based, they are very popular with company social clubs. We have run trivia nights for product launches, a conference ice-breaker, team-building and of course, the annual social night.


A trivia night lasts anywhere from three to four hours. Players form teams that compete amongst each other, usually for prizes of some sort. A standard Legends Trivia function consists of seven rounds of 10 questions and other novelty events. At the end of the night, the team with the highest score wins. Simple!

HOST: A very important consideration in running a quiz night. Experience is not necessary as the questions package comes with full instructions and guidelines. It's quite simple really, just a matter of reading questions and adding up the scores.

QUESTIONS: The questions are very important as they determine the mood of the night. In most circumstances we recommend you go with the standard package because this contains mostly general knowledge questions. These have the broadest appeal. For example, girls get a bit upset with too many sports questions.

PREPARATION: Preparation before the night is very important to ensure its success. Not only is organising the host and questions important, you will need to book a suitable venue, arrange prizes and advertise.

DURATION: Usually 2 ½ to 4 hours

TEAM SIZE: Depends on function, usually between 4 and 10

PRIZES: Options include sponsors donations, cash or gift certificates (the Legends Trivia Guidelines includes ideas for prizes)

VENUE: The venue is important and should include microphone, music facilities, adequate seating and of course, food and drink

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS: Booking a suitable venue, microphone and speakers, seating arrangements, CD player, pens, raffles, prizes, novelty games, entry fee etc.

WRONG ANSWERS: Occasionally you will get people who query the answers given. This is to be expected because sometimes people think they know more than they actually do. Quite often they might be close but haven't read the question correctly or have their facts slightly mixed up. We thoroughly research all our questions and are confident in their accuracy. If you do get a query we suggest you ask the player in question to check the answer the following day or week and provide proof if they still think the answer is wrong. It's extremely rare for the player to return.


Old School

Scoreboards are recommended where available.

Teams inevitably get competitive and the scoreboard adds to this.

Players can see where they stand versus their friends and rivals.

As the image suggests, the scoreboard doesn't have to be high-tech.

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